Brief Introduction about the keymapping interface

  1. Click the "Keyboard" icon on the toolbar on the right side

2. The interface of the keymapping

(1) 【Custom settings】

Click the "Arrow" on the right to see the official recommended keymappings

(2) 【Move control】

Drag the key to the motion control area, to control the character to move

(3) 【Click key】

Drag the key to the proper area and set a key to click or slide

(4) 【Shooting Mode】

Drag the key to the right side of the screen and set a key(take "~" as an example). Click "~" to enter the shooting mode that you can move your mouse to change the view in shooting games.

(5) 【Fire】

Set the key to the fire area. After entering the shooting mode, click left mouse to fire a weapon

(6) 【Zoom in & out】 

Set the key to performing zoom in and zoom out in games

(7) 【Show keymapping instruction】

Check the box to show the keymapping instruction on the screen. If you do not need this function, you can uncheck the box to not see it.

(8) 【Clear current keymapping setting】 

Click "clear" to clear the current keymapping settings

(9) 【Save】

Please remember to click "Save" after you complete your setting

(10) 【Cancel】

Click “Cancel “ to exit the keymapping interface, the current keymapping settings will not be saved unless to click the "Save" button.