Version: V1.6.0.2

Date: 31-12-2020

Release Note: 

What's new

1. Solve the ADB conflicts; ( Mirroid will be abnormal after closing other adb programs and start adb again)

2. Optimize the input method: supports switching the input method quickly; 

3. Add the option of【Exit】 in the settings, allowing users to minimize the screen to the tray by clicking close; 

4. Support the boss key and customize in the settings: Ctrl+Alt+"non-system keys"; 

5. When using the WiFi connection again, the system will record the IP address automatically and display the last 10 successfully connected IP addresses, which is more convenient to use; 

6. Optimize the file-sharing function (including image, audio and video), which supports to drag files into Mirroid, open the Gallery and find files quickly, which is more convenient to use; 

7. Optimize more user experience;

Download link:  here