Mirroid supports to transfer the following types of files:

APK, videos (such as MP4),  audios (MP3), various texts (such as .txt, word), all images (.jpg), etc.

How to Transfer Files from PC to the Mobile Phone?


  1. Select the computer file you wanna transfer.
  2. Drag it directly to Mirroid, and the file will be saved in the first folder of the file manager-which is called 【Mirroid】.

Note:If the apk is transferred, it will be installed directly to the mobile phone after a while.

How to Transfer Files from the Mobile Phone to PC?


  1. Open the File manager
  1. Left-click and hold the file you want to transfer
  2. Choose to【Export to PC】

3. Then the file will be automatically opened on PC.

Note: If there are special characters in the files' name, the system will copy a file automatically on the mobile phone and then transfer. (The copied files will be automatically deleted after 30 minutes.)